Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog post #10

Morgan Bayda's post

In this post there is a video by Dan brown about why he dropped out of school. It explains how higher education has developed from being primarily for the upper class to being obtained by anyone with the funds to acquire access to the education. Now even though the accessability to these Universities and Institutes have changed, the method of teaching has not. Our society in the 21st century has continued to change with the ever growing advancement of technology. If we do not incorporate this technology into our classroom we will be doing exactly what Dan was talking about to our students. We will expect them to know the information we have them read are that we let fall out of our mouths durring lecture. This technique is not learning, it is memorization. Being a math teacher, or planning to become a math teacher, I feel that books and paper are still an important learning tool. Practice is how people learn mathematics. The internet is how we can share our solutions and learn from each other's mistakes. Like Morgan I would not have dropped out of school like Dan did but I strongly believe in communication inside and outside the classroom.

Two questions that can change your life

Two questions that can make you reflect on what is important to you:
What is your sentence?
Was i better than yesterday?

These two questions are the basis for motivation. What motivates us? Everyone has different motivation. My sentence is "He is doing his best to make his wife and kids' future everything they could want." This is my sentence today but can always be revised by the second question every day, Was i better than yesterday?


  1. Hey Chris!
    I completely agree with you about how learning is more than just memorizing facts for a test and then forgetting them a week later. I feel that children today need to be more educated with skills that they will actually need once they graduate. Bringing technology into the classroom allows for children to learn that they can figure things our on there own (both in the classroom and in the real world).

  2. I agree, dropping out is not the answer. I think it is important for us as teachers and students to realize that we are all a part of a major transition period in education and we must take the good with the bad. Something as big as education can not change overnight but it can, and is in the process of changing. EDM 310 is a great example. This is only the third semester that this format has been attempted and it is getting better all the time. Just a little over two years ago I started with EDM 310 and it was very much still a traditional course. We have come a long way. So, taking a, “The glass is half-full,” position, I would say that this is a great time to be an educator as we are on the verge of an educational revolution the likes of which has never been seen before. I for one am delighted. SS