Friday, August 27, 2010

About Me

My name is Chris Patrick but most of my friends know me as Boone. I am a 28 year old that graduated high school here in Mobile from Mary G. Montgomery in 2000 with an advanced diploma and was .03 points from having advanced with honors. After graduation I attended Auburn University as a Chemical Engineering student in which I was still young and played way too much. After Auburn I went to Bishop State Community College when 9/11 happened so after the school year I joined the US Navy. I spent 5 years in the Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician stationed in Lemoore, Ca. Now I am back in Mobile working in the same field as a civilian at Mobile Aerospace Engineering (MAE).
My family is the biggest part of my life and is the main reason I am working full time and going to school full time. My mom and dad still live in Chunchula, AL, which is here in Mobile county, and my younger sister that graduated from USA Fall 2009 just moved to New Mexico for the school year. My wife is also in school, taking classes online through a school called Grand Canyon University. My daughter just turned one on August 17th and started daycare with a little brother due to arrive in January. My wife and soon to be two kids are the reason I am working so hard to make there lives more comfortable and to be able to give them anything they want.
My major is Secondary Mathematics and thinking back it should have always been my major but looking at the yearly incomes, engineering always looked better so for awhile I thought engineering was the way to go. I have taught math to kids since I was in the sixth grade. i would finish my work way before everyone else so the teacher had me and couple of other students go down to the younger classes and teach the slower learners math and science. I enjoyed knowing that I helped them students understand math so when I was in middle school I helped some of my classmates that were in lower level math classes pass there class. Then in high school things got more exspensive for me so I started tutoring elementary through high school math for 15 dollars an hour to make money. Well looking back at how much I enjoyed teaching and how much I enjoyed math I changed my major to Secondary Math because a carreer is not always all about the money.
In my free time I like to go snow boarding, when I am near snow, I like to deer hunt and fish, and I love the outdoors so I try to go to the beach, river or the mountains to hike anytime I can. Oh and I love to watch Auburn football, WAR EAGLE! If there is anything anyone wants to know about me feel free to e-mail me.