Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sir Ken Robinson

This video shows us how the education system has continued to stay the same and use the same methods of teaching. Some teachers, as I did in August, feel that since they learned the material the traditional way their students should be taught that way also. As Sir Robinson said, this is a myth. With our ever changing society we have more tools being added to our arsenal of teaching material. The main point I got from the video was the fact that it is a myth to think the best way to teach a student is to seperate them and restrict them. In my classroom I will address this by having my students work more in groups to learn certain lessons and incorporate the use of computers for note taking and pesentation. In the classes at South we have a variety of mixed emotions with the proffesor's teaching methods. In one sense we have teacher's incorporating the use of all teaching tools and media, in other classes we dose off trying to keep ourselves interested in the subject material being spit out at us by our proffesors. I understand that in certain subjects our proffesors are smarter but to graduate we have certain classes we have to take, some that we may or may not need in our fields of study. To keep us focussed, I think the proffesors should use more tools for learning such as activities and presentations. I think a classroom that has the technological and hard copy teaching tools would be the best learning environment.

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