Sunday, November 21, 2010

post 13

In today's educational society we have to incorporate technology into what, we as teachers, need to teach to our students. There are many different resources on the internet that can help those of us who are not completely technologically literate. Free lesson plans for teachers is a great way to help write you own lesson plans by steering you in the right direction and classroom 2.0 gives teachers the opportunity to interact with other teachers and watch different webcasts that will help upcoming teachers on their journey.

The Alabama Learning Exchange, ALEX, is another website that can help teachers tremendously. On Alex there 8 categories ranging from lesson plans to ALEXville. The lesson plans include all educational disciplines and grade levels from K-12. The ALEXville link is an online community that has different links to guide you on your journey to become a better teacher. ALEX to me is going to help more then anything when I start teaching because it gives a breakdown of what we as teachers should do to prepare ourselves for the school year and years to come.

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  1. Great post Chris! These are very great resources for future teachers!! Keep up the good work!