Sunday, November 7, 2010

Post 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

Ms. Cassidy's skype interview

In her skype interview, Ms. Cassidy addresses some of the questions I have been concerned with durring my development of being a computer literate teacher. As discussed in the interview, the world is changing and about half the teachers are do not feel that change is needed for their teaching style. I was one of these teacher, well future teachers, that beleived this statement. I don't necessarily feel that every teacher should be computer literate when they begin teaching, but I do however feel they should have an open mind about technology and not shun it due to lack of understanding. If teachers do this they will begin to see the advantages of using technological tools in their classrooms. In my classroom I will incorporate the internet into my students learning curriculum but I am not sure how I will use Ms. Cassidy's approach to my high school math lesson plans. I do think that letting younger students use the internet and teaching them what NOT to do while on it is a good idea. These students are getting a good basis for upcoming years on computer networks. I enjoyed the skype interview with Ms. Cassidy because it helped me see some of the questions that arise between the ongoing debate of whether classrooms should be computer equiped or not. I think every aspiring teacher should watch the interview and see how many questions they may still have about this debate.


  1. Chris,

    I also am interested in teaching math. I think about how I can relate all these new techniques into my classroom. I do think that even if you don’t actually teach lessons with math using technology, you can always incorporate blogs and have all the assignments on some type of class blog so all your students have access to it. You could also have other math sites that they could look at to get better understandings of the problems you are teaching. I do agree with you that teachers should have an open mind about technology and should be willing to learn more about it. Technology isn’t going away. I also thought it was great idea teaching younger students how to be safe on the computer. I thought Ms. Cassidy’s skype interview was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. Great post!

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