Sunday, October 10, 2010

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.Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

After watching the video by Randy Pausch I realized that you should always live your life one day ata time. You never know what kind of hand life may deal you and you can either fold or play the hand. If you fold what you are delt, it is like giving up before the game has even started. If you play the hand, you could win or loose but you played the game with no regrets.

Mr. Pausch had a great life with many different contributions. He influenced numerous lives with his briliance and his whole hearted attitude. He lived his life as a person with no fear, it seems. He took chances that most people would give up on never letting "brick walls" stop him. If more people lived the way Mr. Pausch did the world would be a better place to live in. As our society grows people are taking more chances and trying new things. I have mentioned in earlier posts that no one knows what the future holds but some people are trying to make a difference. At the beginning of this semester I was totally against the idea of technology taking over classrooms. The reason being, I was not up to date with anything.

The last couple months have helped me see that computer technology is more useful as a learning tool rather than a social network device, in many cases these can coincide. When I watched Mr. Pausch's video I realized that whether you know your future or not is no reason to live life more or less. If we play everything safe and continue to do things like we have in the past we will not have any legacy to leave for our kids when we move on. This video told us of the life of a great man and the way he lived it. From his childhood memories to his last lecture he was all smiles and always had a positive outlook on everything.

The main thing I took from this video was the fact that life is short and fearing the future, or the outcome of the future, is a waste of it. We don't know how the future will turn out or how we will turn out in the future but we can control what we leave for the future. As technology grows the use for technology increases. Our past generations have left us with a building block for the technological future. Now as we build our future, and our children's, we need to teach the future generations. These children are our future. I would never have heard Randy Pausch lecture if it wasn't for the technical tools of today's world and as he said at the end of his lecture, "This talk was not for you, but for my kids." Live life to the fullest, there is no telling what you may be dealt later in life.

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  1. Chris,

    I agree, Randy Pausch was a truly inspiring man. I think his approach to teaching was as optimistic as his general outlook on life. He valued project-based learning and pushed his students to be creative. Also, "head fake" teaching is one of a teacher's best tricks! Great job with your blog. Think about adding some photos.