Thursday, October 7, 2010

C4T #2 summary

The last couple of weeks I commented on the weblog of Wesley Fryer:

"Digital Grounding and loss of Facebook Privileges" was the first post I commented on. In this post Mr. Fryer is discussing the importance of friending your children or younger relatives on social networks to keep tract of their activities and step in if they stray from what they are supposed to be doing. I will definitely keep tract of my daughters internet activities when she gets old enough to use the computer.

"Self-discipline critical in our tablet and smartphone filled world" was the second post I commented on. In this post Mr. Fryer talks about the "limited use devices" basically being a control device over the students. Because of the device's limited capabilities, it would give the educator more control of what the students were viewing in school. Mr. Fryer is very against the "limited use devices". He goes on to compare banning cell phones from your classroom with issuing student blinders and handcuffs with textbooks. I disagree with Mr. Fryer because students without cell phones are distracted by the ones that text every second of every day. Students need control in the school system but to control the students, have labs that everyone can access rather then letting the students with money have their personal technological devices.

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