Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summary C4T #4

Mr. Guhlin: I read a few of the posts on this blog. The first one, the way I took it, was that we as a society bite our tongues when it comes to our beliefs. When our boss, teacher, wife, friends, and whomever else tells us something is the way it should be, instead of standing up for our beliefs we except this I say to hell with the people that don't respect other people's beliefs and they can go jump in a lava pit...take a look at the post and you'll see what i am talking about...It has a big picture of a volcano on Mr. Guhlin's blog.

The second was a list of how to survive bloggerland (spoof of Zombieland) which basically says that if we follow the rules of good internet usage and blogging then we will survive the tech war. Not everyone feels this way and the rule this post lists is right on the money for our survival in bloggerland.

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