Sunday, December 12, 2010

Project #6 analysis

On my technology questionairre I asked some questions regarding students schedules and their computer usage. Upon analysising the information received, I noticed that the majority of people that responded are part time workers. Also, the full time workers are taking less hours per semester then the part timers. Part timers seem to have more time for computer use, personal and professional, then the full timers. I work 50-60 hours a week and take 12 semester hours so I guess I fall in the middle. My main point was to find out which would be more successful, a full time student/part time worker, a part time student/full time worker, or me, a full time student/full time worker. I found out that most people were against technology in the classroom with a few for or undecided. My theory, after the study, is that these people that are against technology are the older group of students that grew up without technology in the classroom, as I was at the beginning of the semester. If I took the survey again I can guarantee different results from 90 percent of the participants. The results of the survey are here.

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