Thursday, September 30, 2010

C4K 1 and 2

In this assignment I read a little information about a young man named Dustin. Dustin is an eighth grade student at Noel Jr. High and he wants to be a fireman when he gets older. After reading some more about Dustin, I realized that he really wants to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and one day take over the business. His grandfather, a tow truck driver, sounds like a very good role model for Dustin and I hope that one day he gets his opportunity to follow his dreams.

Dustin also, in another post, took me through the rock cycle. In just a few sentences, taught me how igneous rock is formed. This post had me looking up what silica is and how it is changed through the rock cycle. Dustin had already told me everything I needed to know and it sounded to me as if he had learned a lot about what happens during the rock cycle.

It was great to be able to read Dustin's blog and I hope he succeeds with everything he is striving for.

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