Friday, September 24, 2010

blog # 5

The benefits of podcasting in the classroom

I chose to watch this video for a few different reasons. The first of these is the fact that I, as most of the readers of my earlier blogs already know, am not completely sold on the idea of technology being the main teaching tools in our classrooms. After getting some feedback from other educators from around the country, I am starting to see it in a different perspective. I'm still not sold but technology in the classroom, such as using podcasts, is a good thing. The students being out sick is definitely a teachers fear because of what it means for the advancement of their education. By recording a lecture or, in my case, having a computer with a notebook style screen to display on an over-head projector for in class students can also be uploaded on a class website for the students that may have missed it. A podcast also can open the minds of the children and enhance their creativity in school as well as outside the school grounds. I actually enjoyed watching the video and agree with the points that were made.

The Education Podcasting Network

After reading about The Education Podcasting Network (EPN), I think teachers being able to comunicate with one another through podcasting is a good idea. Not one teacher knows everything and sharing what they do know with each other puts the educator in the student seat to gain more knowledge. The Network is a good idea for teachers to further their own education to pass along to their students.

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

In Judy's collection there are pretty good instructions on how a podcast is constructed. If I would have done my blog post before my group's podcast then maybe my podcast would have been more entertaining. I'm sure as I continue to produce podcasts I will get better at it with the help of this collection.


  1. I love the "Judy Scharf Podcast Collection." It will help my group make an educational and entertaining podcast. You guys are really on ball with your podcast; it wasn't due until 10/1. It sounded really good though.

    I didn't read about the EPN, but it sounds like a fantastic idea. A teacher's job is keep learning. Having a network the keeps us in touch with educators all over the world helps expand our horizons and point of views.

  2. Hey I thought the podcast was very entertaining!!..LOL

  3. I thought your podcast was entertaining! I think podcasting in the classroom is a great teaching tool. It's a great way to let your students be creative!

  4. Excellent post Chris!

    I'm so glad you are coming around and realizing the usefulness of the latest technology in the classroom. Podcasting is just one of many tools that I think of as 3D teaching activities. An activity like podcasting not only engages the students regarding their topics but also as you said sparks their creativity making the entire learning experience more meaningful. So, go ahead and put podcasting in your toolbox. Your future students will really appreciate it. SS